off we go!

it’s hard to believe that it is going to be one year that we set out on this european adventure, and what an adventure it has been! since we were planning on documenting our adventures, we will backtrack from the start and include our adventures exploring the netherlands.

first, a thank you to my sister who helped with the name 🙂 that seems like the hardest part of getting this blog started!

towards the end of 2015, frank was offered an incredible opportunity to move to europe for a 3-year contract, and of course, we jumped at the chance! because what’s there to think about?!? after reality set in, we knew we had to make sure we were making the best decision for the whole family, as we have 3 other little people in our lives 🙂

fast forward to may 2016, we were on a plane (with 18 pieces of luggage in tow) moving to amsterdam. since this is our chance to see this side of the world, we really plan on doing as much traveling as we can and documenting it along the way!


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