london, england

our first priority when we arrived was to head straight down to the tkts booth at leicester square. we couldn’t go to london without seeing a show! the journey there was the most fun exploring the sights.

next stop was the british museum to see the rosetta stone

the musical was fun, although our last minute seats could’ve been a bit closer. the tower of london was very interesting, as was our guide! Always helps when you have an entertaining, as well as informative person leading you around. we were so excited that the cabs in england could accommodate a family of 5! it’s the little things.

the natural history museum was a hit with the kids!


buckingham palace was impressive as always. nice to not have throngs of other tourists to deal with!IMG_3690

westminster abbey


parliment, black cab and mission london!


love london at night!

britiain’s smallest police station, that’s it, behind frank.

IMG_3766traveling with children we learned that you have to leave plenty of time to stop at parks along the way so they can get their wiggles out 🙂

since this was a late birthday trip for our oldest and because she is such a huge harry potter fan, a trip to the warner brother studios outside of london was a must! Honestly, we weren’t sure what to expect going out to this abandoned air field where the studio claims most of the movies were shot. When we arrived, it far exceeded our expectations! they had done a brilliant job of transforming the once working studio into a fine mixture of interactive attractions and preserved sets where every aspect of each movie was in fact filmed. from the green screens that the kids could be filmed riding the broom stick, to the actual house where harry lived with his relatives. Most impressive was the train station (with train) and the mock-up of the hogwarts castle. the special effects exhibit was the highlight for the adults, as was daigon alley.


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