majorca, spain

in our quest to find an island in europe that we love as much as hawaii we set off to majorca, the biggest of the balearic islands. the view from our hotel in palma was a favorite. the island overall gave us the vibe but still could not compare.

IMG_2766it was our middle daughters birthday so at her request we hit a waterpark and popular nikki beach.

we usually can’t vacation without finding our favorite ice cream shop for the trip and this place was exceptional, birthday girl approved!

img_2809.jpgdriving around the island was an adventure, cap de formentor has some spectacular views.




we also ran into this small village and santuari de sant salvador


palma cathedral is the most recognizable landmark inMajorca, its beauty is astounding!


the capital, palma is colorful, historic and busy! found the countryside to be our favorite


our last day at beach was fun! plenty of room, lots of sun, just what the girls asked for.



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