rome, italy

one of the hesitations i had about traveling with kids is the feeling like your dragging them all over the place,  being bored, we wouldn’t really get to enjoy exploring the cities.  i knew that we couldn’t travel like before we had kids:) when we research a city we are planning to visit we plan out what we want to see and do and include some fun things for the kids even it means allowing extra time to play at a park we may pass.

one of the girls received a book, mission amsterdam-scavenger hunt adventures, as a gift from their very thoughtful auntie and uncle. all i can say is, wow! did this spark excitement for all 3 girls, so we looked to see if they had any more cities and picked up mission-rome. what a blessing, we couldn’t keep up with them!


aah, the trevi fountain! i am so glad that we threw a coin in the first time frank and i were here 14 years ago! we had to make sure to do it again, for legend has it if you throw a coin in the fountain you will be destined to return!

our oldest daughter ava made her own personal conquest to find the best margherita pizza in all of rome! we had mostly good ones but some not so good as well.

to our surprise we went to st peters square just as mass was commencing. st peter’s basilica, vatican, sistine chapel were perfect for a sunday afternoon.

the best way to get to know any city is to just walk, rome has that way of surprising you with something spectacular around the corner. the best walk-up espresso bar, a delicious gelatto and even a levitating man:)

the colosseum and roman forum are unbelievable!

bocca della verita, capitoline museum, pantheon, and spanish steps o my!


have i mentioned the gelato?


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